About Us

St. Mark’s Preschool is a 53 place preschool which has been licensed by Community Services since 1965.

St. Mark’s Preschool is part of the Church family of St. Mark’s Anglican Church Northbridge.

The Preschool is operated by a Management Committee. This consists of four parent representatives and five representatives of the Church.

As a Preschool, we follow NSW Department of Education times and holidays. We are licenced from 9am until 3pm Monday to Friday, and cannot accept children onto the premises outside these times.

As a licensed preschool we are required to have a full set of Policies and Procedures concerning all aspects of the service. Please ask the Director if you would like to see them.

As an early childhood educational centre, educators maintain developmental records on all children. The strengths, needs and interests of each child provide the basis for our program, along with age appropriate experiences.

St Marks is a no nut environment, this helps us to manage the situation for those with severe allergies.

It is your responsibility to let us know if relevant details change (address, phone, health conditions etc.)

We are a “registered” service. Our ABN is 50 296 949 063.